Draft for Everyday Knowledge Work
Favor porosity between every step of your workflow, either personal or professional, individual or collaborative.
Clarify your thoughts, list your tasks, and share your ideas. Draft let you describe and manipulate your knowledge in ways that help you get the best out of it.
To-do List
Clear your mind by capturing all the things you intend to do at the same place, and stay focus on what really matters.
Organizing your Ideas
Combine, refine, and structure your ideas within a limitless and media-rich environment, Draft smoothly accompanies the natural growth of your knowledge.
Creative Work
By giving simultaneous visibility of your whole material while easing the way to change perspectives, Draft help you create new synthesis and generate fresh ideas.
Collecting feedback
Draft gives you an easy way to share your ideas with your co-workers and make them contribute and enrich your ongoing work.
Release your creativity and improve your productivity with these features
Mixed-object Lists
Capture and recombine knowledge continuously to explore opportunities.
Tabbed Interface
Cause a draft is just the beginning of a world, navigate smoothly from one document to another.
Handwritten Sticky-notes
Sketch your ideas to catch them promptly and communicate visually.
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