Zero to Holistic Analysis in 5 Minutes

Draft Insights makes it incredibly easy to analyze client and prospect portfolios through a modern and easy-to-use dashboard.

Your clients and prospects electronically authorize you to see their accounts that you do not (yet) advise.

Discover clients with portfolio weaknesses you can address, and sort and rank clients by priority.

Drill in to each client to see full portfolio analysis and details of each trouble spot and opportunity.

Engage your client about specific portfolio improvements via phone and email.

Meet Our Product

Draft Insights is a suite of analytics and communication capabilities that will help you Discover opportunities in your clients' and prospects' non-advised accounts, Analyze those opportunities in depth, and Engage your clients in conversations about how you can improve their total portfolio.

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Uncover clients with portfolio weaknesses that you can address, such as high fees, unnecessary risk, low quality products, and poor diversification. Easily search for and identify asset growth opportunities. Offer suggestions on accounts that you don't (yet) advise and help your clients improve their overall portfolios, while building trust.

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Get a complete analysis of each client’s investable assets. See portfolio strengths and weaknesses holistically and account-by-account.

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Get a complete analysis of each client's total assets - both advised and not advised. See portfolio strengths and weaknesses holistically and account-by-account. Gain insight into the performance, risk, and fees of accounts you do not yet advise for your clients.

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Automatically keep your clients and prospects informed about what’s happening in their portfolios. Highlight strengths and weaknesses. Maintain your client relationships digitally. Scale your practice and win new clients.

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Get All of These Features

Plus Many More

We’d list them all, but you get the point. Just try our software.

Strong Relationships Made Stronger

The advisor who knows the strengths and weaknesses of his or her clients' advised and non-advised accounts, both holistically and individually, is the advisor most likely to become clients' primary advisor. Draft Insights is the only technology created specifically to ensure that advisor is you.


Know Your Client

Know your clients’ accounts in depth so you can advise holistically.


Increase Share of Wallet

Use new insights to win more assets from both current and new clients.


Retain Clients

Engage and retain clients digitally and scale your practice.

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