Jira Integration

Pull down Jira’s inherent constraints by integrating with Draft.io and manipulate all your project cards in a visual and highly malleable environment.

Streamline your whole Agile project management workflow

Handle Jira data with a bigger picture by synchronizing Draft.io’s cards with Jira’s issues. All modifications done in one app are automatically pushed into the other one!

Display on Draft.io a wide range of Jira issues’ fields

Draft.io cards linked to Jira issues can contain and display common Jira issues’ fields. On-demand, we can also enable synchronization of other fields, even customized ones.

Find your desired Jira tickets in a few seconds

Once the integration is set up, you can easily find and import Jira issues into a draft. Use the filtering feature or JQL requests to filter Jira issues within the Draft.io in-app Jira panel.


Turn your ideas into action effortlessly thanks to Draft.io’s comprehensive set of features.

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