Draft for Product Management
Frame your users' problems, explore opportunities and envision the solutions while keeping your work visible to involve your team seamlessly.
Draft is the perfect workspace to carry out your product discovery work, build intelligence, and share your product roadmaps.
Product Discovery
Collect information about your market, your users, and your competitors. Then, turn it into decisive knowledge to determine if, why, and how your product should be developed.
Prioritizing Hypothesis and Opportunities
Use Draft to work through various and customized prioritization frameworks, tackle risks up-front and, eventually, make wiser product decisions.
User Flow
Envision your user experience while improving communication across your product team to encourage a more user-centered design process.
Product Roadmap
Set down your product vision and strategic goals on a versatile and empowering support and share it easily with all concerned stakeholders.
Take advantage of these features to build great products, faster
Mixed-object Lists
Capture and recombine knowledge continuously to explore opportunities.
Drafts support linking and multiple object types.
Tabbed Interface
Cause a draft is only the beginning of a world, navigate smoothly from one to another.
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