Collaborate visually across Agile teams is a multipurpose visual collaboration platform for RTEs coordinating large agility-at-scale programs.
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A new path for better planning and decision-making

Rapid Ideation

Tackle questions
from different perspectives.

Fuel your team's creativity by tapping into the power of a unified visual workspace for making forward-thinking an interactive experience that's accessible to all.

Information Mapping

Connect the dots faster

Map things out in a fluid and dynamic way to create the connective tissue that can transform disparate pieces of information into knowledge that fuels rapid problem-solving.

Knowledge Creation

Make sense out of chaos

All it takes is a simple 'drag and drop' to jot down ideas, rearrange information, and build collective knowledge to make more informed decisions.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Make everyone's voice heard

Engage your entire team at every step of the decision-making process to ensure that everyone has a chance to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions – even in an anonymous capacity.

Strategic Planning

Always stay one step ahead

Leverage customizable visual management artifacts to outline your strategies and coordinate tasks across distributed teams in order to keep your team focused on the "big picture" at all times.

Project Management

Carry out projects
more effectively

Keep tabs on every aspect of your projects by documenting action items on cards that can visually tell you, at a quick glance, what tasks are completed versus those that are still in-progress.

Customer Success

Learn how's customers leverage visual management to drive better outcomes.

What does do?


Manage your projects visually and track work items with flexible and fully customizable cards.

Voting session

Improve team engagement and decision-making by running voting sessions on any items on a draft.

Polling Booth Mode

Allow participants in a workshop to think on their own without influencing one another.

Jira Integration

Synchronize cards with Jira issues to simplify and streamline your Agile project management workflows.


Group ideas dynamically to make relevant topics emerge and have your collaborative thinking converge smoothly.

Easy sharing

Share your drafts with as many collaborators as you’d like with a single click. No login required in guest mode.

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Pay only for regular users!

With’s Business plan, collaborate securely across all your organization and pay only for regular and project-driven users. It remains forever free for occasional users!

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Divide up to 7 the cost of your collaborative whiteboard solution for your organization

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An organization of 500 users in which we don’t distinguish between regular and occasional users.

€ 192 / user / year* x 500 users 96,000/ year


An organization of 500 users with 125 regular users and 375 occasional users.**

€ 114.4 / user / year*** x 125 users 14,300/ year

* Average price of Miro and Mural Business plans with a hypothesis of EUR/USD rate of 1.06.

** On average, we observe that only c.25% of users are regular and project-driving users of a collaborative whiteboard solution within an organization. Others only contribute from time to time to boards shared with them.

*** Average price per user of's Business plan for a 125-member license.

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