The Business Plan
For a safe and extensive collaboration, financially flexible

Pay only for users who really need an unlimited paying license and divide up to 7 the cost of your collaborative whiteboard solution for your organization.

What makes the Business plan so flexible?

Your organization has high-security requirements?

For security reasons, many organizations must restrict collaboration within a certain perimeter, preventing their employees from sharing boards freely with a public URL.

Competitors make you pay a full-price license for everyone, without distinction

With competing whiteboard solutions, you would have to pay a full-price license for every user in your organization, whether there are regular or occasional users, resulting in a huge bill!

With, pay only for regular users!

With, you only have to pay a full-price unlimited license for regular and project-driving users, not for occasional users that just contribute from time to time on a board; They can use for free!

Let’s calculate how much you could save

With competitors

An organization of 500 users in which we don’t distinguish between regular and occasional users.

€ 192 / user / year* x 500 users 96,000/ year


An organization of 500 users with 125 regular users and 375 occasional users.**

€ 114.4 / user / year*** x 125 users 14,300/ year

* Average price of Miro and Mural Business plans with a hypothesis of EUR/USD rate of 1.06.

** On average, we observe that only c.25% of users are regular and project-driving users of a collaborative whiteboard solution within an organization. Others only contribute from time to time to boards shared with them.

*** Average price per user of's Business plan for a 125-member license.

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