Work as you may think.
Capture, explore, mobilize, and plan,
in a visual and malleable document universe.
Liberating Human Intelligence from digital chains
Like us, you might have felt constrained by existing tools and digital environments to work fluently.
That's why we've conceived Draft, a visual and living document with the power of a flexible and collaborative blackboard.
An ideal digital environment to investigate, solve problems creatively, and document just what it takes to move forward.
The right balance between freedom and structure
Jot down, collect and manipulate everything that feeds your thoughts
Imagine the desired future and plan it accross several distributed teams
Externalize your thoughts to build a shared understanding
Discover the following end-to-end workflows
Agile Project Management
For Scrum Masters and Product Owners who build complex Agile artifacts
and run remote ceremonies.
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Product Management
For Product Managers,
Development Engineers, and Designers
who ideate cutting-edge products.
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Everyday Knowledge Work
For anyone seeking a more
visual and nonlinear way of
tackling knowledge work.
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Empowering features
Your visual and scalable document
Drafts' intrinsic structure and flexibility helps you organize your work and build a limitless range of customized visual artifacts.
Always the right level of focus
Organize large bodies of information into numerous fragments related to each other to foster collective thinking and assist decision-making.
Collaboration as a natural part of workflow
Co-edit your draft and interact with your team either asynchronously or in real-time within a shared universe.
Streamline your workflow with Jira integration
Synchronize Draft’s story cards with Jira’s ones to streamline your whole Agile project management workflow.
Large collection of Templates & Examples
Start right away with one of the 30 proposed templates or discover what you can do with Draft through more than 35 examples
Unlimited sharing and guest mode
Either one by one or by folder, share your drafts with anyone in just one click. Unlimited participants or viewers. No login required for guests.
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Our free plan lasts forever and gives access to all Pro features.
Our free plan lasts forever
and gives access to all Pro features.