What is the Genie in a Bottle Retrospective?

Inspired by the Arabian Nights tales, the Genie in a Bottle Retrospective asks participants to share ideas in the form of wishes: for their team, for their project, and for themselves. Not only is it a fun retrospective format, but it’s both simple and quick to set up and also an ideal way to help a team think proactively about the future in a positive (or wishful) way.

This exercise requires participants to make three types of wishes:

How to run a Genie in a Bottle Retrospective

Step 1
The facilitator should give participants five to ten minutes to come up with one wish (and not more!) for each of the three categories above and write them on sticky notes.

Be sure to use “polling booth mode” to ensure participants don’t inadvertently influence each other with their ideas before it’s time to share.

Step 2
Once the time cap has been reached, participants should take turns sharing their wishes with the rest of the team. While this is happening, the facilitator should organize similar wishes into groups to visually display when there are overlapping sentiments in the team.

Step 3
Then, the facilitator should open up a discussion with the participants about what concrete initiatives could help make these wishes come true (especially for the team or the project).

Step 4
Finally, the facilitator should invite participants to vote and select the most relevant initiatives to pursue. The three ideas with the most votes will be incorporated into an action plan.

Tips and advice from a seasoned Agile Coach

Amélie Aucomte, Agile Coach/Scrum Master at Infopro Digital, has led many Genie in a Bottle Retrospectives in the past. Here is her advice for getting the most out of them: